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In order to have all of your affairs in order, it is important that you hire an experienced Texas lawyer who can assist you with probate and estate planning. When you have structured preparations in place, you can rest easy knowing that your beneficiaries will receive exactly what you want them to. Attorney John C. Hafley will serve and assist you with all of your probate and estate planning needs.

Having an official will that satisfies the requirements of the law is the best way to ensure that your beneficiaries are well protected. It must contain certain provisions in order to be valid, which is why you should hire a licensed and experienced attorney. You will be able to name an executor that will carry out your personal matters during the probate process. In addition, you can choose a guardian for your minor children, as well as provide for your loved ones. Estate planning allows you to stay in control of your property. When you die without a will, the court and intestacy laws decide how it will be distributed.

A trust can facilitate the distribution of your property by keeping it out of probate. During probate proceedings, it must be proven that a will is genuine and that the property is distributed accordingly. This process can often be quite lengthy, delaying the distribution of assets to your beneficiaries. You can set up a trust as part of your estate planning in order to avoid these impediments. By having a trust in place, your beneficiaries can also avoid paying for costly probate fees that reduce the value of the property being distributed.

It is important to note that a will should still be drafted in order to account for properties that you acquire right before your death and are not part of your trust.
Powers of Attorney
Powers of Attorney Lawyers
When you need to confer your rights to another person, you should have a formal power of attorney drafted. There are several forms of powers of attorney, which is why you should obtain the professional help of an experienced legal professional in Texas. John Hafley is ready to serve you.

Powers of Attorney
You will be able to give a narrow or wide range of authority through powers of attorney. It is a legal document that gives your attorney-in-fact the ability to act on your behalf or to complete a specific task or tasks. This power can be perpetual or it can be terminated at the onset of certain future events or dates.

Durable Power of Attorney
A Durable Power of Attorney remains in effect, even if the principal becomes incompetent. The attorney-in-fact will act for the principal as he or she sees fit. This power will remain in effect indefinitely, unless a termination date is specified.

Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (Medical Power of Attorney)
These types of powers of attorney instruct the attorney-in-fact to make health related decisions on behalf of the principal, if they are unable to participate in the management of their own health. It will outline your wishes for varying medical scenarios, so it is important that your Medical Power of Attorney is completed correctly.

General Power of Attorney
A General Power of Attorney gives your attorney-in-fact a broad power over a specific area or all areas of the principal’s life. This type of authority should be bestowed with great care, in order to ensure that a trusted party carries out your financial and personal matters.

Special Power of Attorney
Individuals that want to give a very specific power to an attorney-in-fact can create a Special Power of Attorney. This document pertains to a specific matter at hand and can be designed to terminate once the act has been completed.
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